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A Smart and Powerful

Cloud Service

Giving You Flexibility,

Peace of Mind and

Confidence to Build Your Business

The London


Straightforward and Easy Access

to Your Data and Systems.

Rest Assured Your Data is Safe and Secure

99.9% availability


So Simple!

Bespoke Cloud Services

I.T. Management

Everything to Make Your

Incredibly Clean

and Amazingly Multifunctional

Hosting Solution


Why Choose Us

Unique & Clean Design

Discover cost-effective, secure and low-maintenance cloud services. Our unique and clean design gives you a robust design offering excellent protection against system downtime. We offer a enhanced, perfect replacement for you in-house IT systems through efficiency and performance.

Easy to Customize

With our easy to use Control Panel, you will not have any difficulty setting up your services. You can customize all your services to suit your needs - add or remove a service at a click of a botton.

Free Support & Updates

No call centres, no outsourcing, we deal direct with you. If you do need any help, Soronery is dedicated and always on hand to guide you through every step of the process, with all the support and advice you will need. You will get the right help you need fast, leaving you free to focus on your business success.

London Dockland DataCentre

Straightforward and easy access to your data and systems, the core of Soronery is hosted at Telehouse in London's Docklands, secure onsite access is available to authorised personnel.

Rest assured your data is safe and secure, Telehouse is a Tier 3 datacentre, part of a global network and the hub of the UK's Internet using N+1 architecture to ensure 99.9% availability.

Utilising the power of Microsoft Azure

Flexibility to customise the cloud to your business, Soronery offers hybrid public and private cloud solutions with data and systems hosted exclusively in the UK and or in Microsoft's Hyper Scale global datacentres.

Economical & scalable, Microsoft's Azure pay as you go services quickly scale up or down as your need them so you only pay for what you use.

  • We use intel processors
  • We use juniper networking
  • We use sophos protection
  • We use windows server
  • We use hp servers
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  • We use microsoft arzure
  • We use telehouse data centres
  • We use supermicro
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